Financial donations


  • Contributing with us to the reinvention of education in the 21st century, showing your interest and support for Hub School 21’s innovative and constructivist approach,
  • Being kept informed about the project’s news,
  • Helping the founding team finance the development of the association in addition to income and other funding and to participate in the take-off of the first school in the network: Hub School Vincennes, which opened its doors on the 4th of September 2017,
  • Enabling families with modest incomes to be able to send their children to Hub School Vincennes.

Donations are eligible for a 66% income tax reduction of the amount donated, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income for individuals.

For companies the reduction is 60% of the amount donated, up to a limit of 5/1000 of its annual revenue.

The receipt entitling you to a tax reduction will be sent to you by e-mail.

For example, a donation of 50 euros entitles an individual to a tax reduction of 33 euros, a donation of 100 euros to a tax reduction of 66 euros, etc.

To donate click here or go to :


Donate €20

Two sets of metro tickets for cultural trips

Donate €50

A subscription to a scientific magazine in English, Spanish or Chinese for the school

Donate €100

Three sessions with a yoga instructor

Donate €150

An insect observation workshop at the Parc Floral with entomologist François Lasserre

Donate €300

Two sign language sessions with a deaf actor and his interpreter

Donate €750

Robotics workshops with our specialist instructor Thierry

Donate €1,000

A trip to Nice for two students to present the robots they built to future ESPE teachers.

Donate €10,000

A one-year sponsorship of school fees for one child

Donate €30,000

A two-year sponsorship of school fees for one child and funding for his or her trips in France and abroad (learning expedition).

Donate €50,000

Full middle-school sponsorship for one child (4 years)