Material donations

Good to know

In addition to financial or human support, Hub school 21 is looking for donations of equipment for its school in Vincennes (school supplies, board games, equipment for sports or musical activities, computer equipment, office and garden furniture, etc.).

The school sets up numerous projects throughout the year for its students aged 6 to 15. We appreciate and thank you for your contributions which enable their implementation.


Hub School Vincennes, Ecole Primaire et Collège, 21 rue Diderot, 94300 Vincennes, France

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What we’re looking for

Idea n°1: School Supplies


  • Leaves, stationery, notebooks, drawing paper, agendas
  • Squares, compasses, rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers
  • Pencil cases, backpacks, pouches
  • Pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, pens
  • files, slates
  • Fabric, origami paper, wool, watercolour, oil paint
  • etc…

Idea n°2 : Board games and equipment for sports and musical


  • Monopoly, Puzzles,  Scrabble, …
  • Once upon a time
  • Legos
  • Musical instruments
  • Equipment for sports activities: balls, skipping ropes, blocks, ping-pong rackets, rollerblades…
  • etc…

Idea n°3 : IT Hardware


  • Tablet, Computer
  • Headset, Computer mouse, keyboard
  • USB key, SD card
  • Camera, Video cameras
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • etc…

Idea n°4 : Office and Garden Furniture


  • Tables, chairs, shelves, flower boxes
  • Photocopier machine, printer
  • etc…