New mentors join us on a regular basis to inspire young people.

We are looking for successful personalities in their profession, wishing to pass on their passion, to bear witness to the path they have travelled with its difficulties and successes. Among our mentors are artists, project managers, authors, a young journeyman carpenter, a cameraman, an illustrator, a fireman, a lawyer…

Being a child’s mentor at Hub School 21 means meeting the team and then your mentee in Vincennes, helping them discover your profession, and talking about your passions and your career path:

  • Come and share a lunch or a convivial moment at Hub School Vincennes,
  • Invite your mentee at least once a year to come and share a moment with you at your workplace or at your favourite place where you can express your talents.

Come and inspire one of our young people! To become a mentor for one of our youth, click on the link here and we will contact you shortly!