Our values

Around the Hub School 21 project we have brought together a series of founding values: cooperation and openness, autonomy, innovation, well-being, trust, excellence, sustainable development and the desire to adapt to a changing world.


We welcome children with different profiles in our pilot school in Vincennes, from primary to secondary (up to the 9rd grade):

  • Children with learning and/or learning and/or adaptation difficulties in the school environment (DYS, ADHD, precociousness, hypersensitivity, school phobia, etc.),
  • Children with no learning difficulties, sometimes with a loss of motivation in the classical system where they do not find meaning in what they learn at school,
  • Children who have travelled, lived abroad and whose parents are looking for a caring, balanced, open and demanding school system.

We have chosen to focus our pilot school by integrating children with special needs in order to start from their needs to define an general inclusive model, with a responsible, sustainable and constantly improving approach. Our mentors accompany each family in the search for solutions by personalizing their child’s journey.

The team is constantly re-shaping, training and reforming itself in order to adapt to the expectations of the outside world and to propose a relevant and innovative pedagogical offer in line with the official programmes of the French National Education system.


Our team is built with diverse profiles, enlightened mentors, who are eager to learn and work together to reflect on what the role of school is today and tomorrow in order to build and improve our offer for families.

We are looking for open-minded and caring people who are creative, adaptable, if possible bilingual (French/English, French/Spanish, French/Chinese), with one or more professional experiences in educational, associative, student or business and entrepreneurial environments, ready to put their talents to work on an ambitious project to reinvent education in elementary and middle school.

Hub School 21 is part of several international networks that bring together progressive school creators or committed players who, like us, are questioning, distorting, forming and seeking to adapt education to the expectations of today’s world.

Would you like to get involved in the project and become a mentor? Leave us some information by clicking here and we will contact you shortly.