This year, at Hub School Vincennes, our pupils participate in many collaborative projects driven by innovative teachers with whom Fanny works for years such as les Savanturiers, la Twictée or Inversons la Classe association. We will also partipate in the participatory and inclusive plan @EMC_Partageons for the first time! Our team is lucky to have Sandrine who participates actively in the group of inspiring and connected music teachers: Edmusconnect.

Finally, we set up the skills belt to offer pupil personalized education and to value their progress and success. 

Many thanks to “Nos ceintures de compétences” @C2CEDU team for their support in the implementation, contents and organization of the belts, namely Romance Cornet et Catherine Maurice 🙂

The realization of Hub School project was made possible partly thanks to this sharing of talents and practices, I wanted to thank every experts, teachers, education professionals, researchers for their advices and sharings…

Our regular meetings, postings on social networks or the internet, real or virtual exchanges were precious to develop and value the best from everyone!