François Taddei is an engineer graduated from Polytechnique and a geneticist. He is founder of the Interdisciplinary Research Center in Paris. To answer today’s  and tomorrow’s challenges, he advocates for the school evolution based of several assumptions: “We are all born researchers”, “life-long learning”, “let’s combine today’s technology and the human to learn”…

François Taddei has also launch the Savanturiers-Ecole de la Rercherche program. Fanny and Sabine, co-founders of Hub School 21, participate in this program for years with their classes. School works on “collaborative, ethical and trans-disciplinary” projects in connection with researchers as part of “questioning and scientific reasoning” culture. François Taddei’s philosophy also relies on “trust”, cooperation instead of competition”, “screens and philosophy combination”. From the beginning of school year, we will take part to this vast program by launching the “Savanturiers des Villes” project with our students.

Read this enlightening article published in the Kaizen-Magazine in September 2017 to understand why François Taddei is such a revolutionary personality with inspiring ideas!

source : Kaizen-magazine septembre 2017